Wakeboarding on Lake Geneva

July 1, 2019 By Morzine Top Tips, Stuff We Like

There’s plenty to do in and around Morzine of course, but Friday night we decided to try something we’ve not done for nearly 10 years! Wakeboarding on Lake Geneva…. why did we leave it so long?

This week has seen a major heatwave throughout Europe and here in Morzine we have been blessed with clear blue skies and hot weather. With temperatures getting up to the high thirties, it was time to search out a body cooling but adrenaline driven activity.

Everything was arranged with a local wakeboarding instructor who happily picked us up and returned us to Morzine for the trip down to Lake Geneva … which saved us driving and logistical planning.

We arrived down at Port des Rives on the edge of the stunning Lake Geneva after a quick 30 minute drive and the boat was ready and waiting to take us out. We were made up of a group of five riders and the driver/instructor.

The instructor, Ricardo couldn’t have been a better coach. Cool, calm and collected throughout, he quickly identified which of us were effectively retirees of wakeboarding after a long break and which were newbies. The boat was equipped with a training bar which was fantastic. This allowed each of us to hang from the bar on our first few sets (a set was new to me but basically means a session in the water trying to wakeboard) and benefit from being right next to the instructor as he set the boat in motion.

The lake was surprisingly empty considering the beautiful clear blue skies and the perfect calm of the lake surface. The best combination for a mixed bunch of riders.

The training bar meant all five of us were lucky enough to get out of the water and actually wakeboard without too many fails. A truly amazing experience with lots of whooping and screaming. As each of us became more confident, Ricardo progressed us to a short line fixed to the training bar and then finally a regular line behind the boat where you are truly wakeboarding on the wake created by the boat.

Back to my earlier question … why did we leave it so long?

If you’re staying with us this summer, we’d be more than happy to arrange everything for you so you can enjoy the awesome experience of wakeboarding on lake Geneva. Absolute beginners welcome and coaching the youngsters starts from just 5 year old … so something to be enjoyed by groups of friends as well as families.

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