Morzine Restaurants

Just a few of our favourites

Morzine Restaurants

There are a wide variety of Morzine restaurants from casual burger and pizza bars to more formal, gourmet Morzine restaurants. If you’re staying in our Morzine catered chalet, we are more than happy to call the restaurant and book your table. Here are a few of our favourites!

Morzine Restaurant – L’Etale

A trip to Morzine wouldn’t be complete without a visit to L’Etale. With a fantastic, lively atmosphere, friendly staff and an extensive menu to cater for all tastes it is one of our favourite Morzine restaurants. The portion sizes are VERY generous – we challange you to eat 3 courses!

Morzine Restaurant -Clin D’oeil

The Clin D’oeil is a traditional Morzine restaurant in the heart of Morzine Old Town. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly with a great menu serving traditional Savoyard specialities as well as dishes from around the world.

Morzine Restaurant -The Burger Place

Fresh home-made burgers to make your mouth water!
For the best burgers in Morzine (possibly the world!) you must go to The Burger Place opposite The Pleney bubble. Not exactly a ‘real’ Morzine restaurant but the freshly made burgers here are perfect for a midday meal or an Apres Ski munch… yum!

Morzine Restaurant -La Chamade

La Chamade is one of the best Morzine restaurants, serving beautifully presented dishes prepared by a gourmet chef. If you want to treat yourself (or somebody else!) this is the place to go! Look out for the huge wooden cows keeping guard outside the restaurant.

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