Ski and Snowboard Hire FAQ

With All Mountain Rental

FAQs when renting with All Mountain Rental.

FAQs – Equipment and Fitting

What kind of equipment do All Mountain Rental stock?
Their ski and snowboard equipment is of a very high standard and in our opionion it far exceeds the quality of equipment offered by other ski hire shops. Furthermore, their customer service has always been outstanding, which is why we continue to recommend them each year!
How do we get to and from the ski hire shop to pick up our rental equipment?
You don’t need to.  All rental equipment is delivered to the chalet before (or as) you arrive and you are fitted out in the comfort of the chalet.  The equipment is collected for you at then end of your stay.
I have funny feet, what if my boots don't fit or are very uncomfortable?
No problem, the shop team will arrive with a selection of boots for the chalet fit out.  If you have problems later in the week, the shop team come to you again in the chalet.  Whether it is a boot problem or any other equipment related problem!
As party leader, do I need to book skis and snowboards for everyone?
No. You can start the order off, add your own packages and then share the order with other members of the group so that they can add their own packages. More info on their website.

FAQs – Payment, Costs and Savings

Can we make a saving by booking online with All Mountain Rental?
Yes. 20% discount is applied to all online orders.
Is the 20% discount already shown in the prices on their website?
Yes, the 20% discount has already been applied to all prices you will see on their website.  Hiring in person at their Morzine shop would cost an additional 20%.
Can I pay for my ski hire with credit/debit card or must we pay in cash?
Actually, you can pay with card or cash.
Can I pay for my ski hire in advance or before my arrival?
No. All payment is taken in resort only and will be asked for whilst you are in the chalet being fitted out. This means there is no chance of having to accept poor quality gear!
Can I pay seperately from the rest of the people in my group/order?
Absolutely, it makes it easier to make seperate orders but it is not a requirement.
Can some people pay for their ski hire in cash and others by card?
Yes, no problem.

FAQs – Choosing Equipment & Safety

Are helmets available for rent and would you recommend using one?
Yes and Yes ! Helmets can help to prevent injuries and we recommend everyone use a helmet when skiing or snowboarding, especially children.
Which category of ski rental equipment should I go for?
Please use the following as a guide…

Bronze Skis – aimed at beginners with up to around 2 weeks experience. Appropriate for skiing Green and Blue pistes.

Silver Skis – aimed at intermediate skiers with up to around 5 weeks experience. Appropriate for skiing Blue and Red pistes.

Gold Skis – aimed at intermediate to advanced skiers with over 5 weeks experience. Appropriate for skiing all pistes as well as some off-piste.

Platinum Skis – aimed at advanced to expert skiers. Skis in this range will have a bias towards high performance on or off the piste.

Which category of snowboard rental equipment should I choose?
Beginner to Intermediate Snowboards – aimed at snowboarders with up to around 5 weeks experience. Appropriate for Green, Blue and Red Pistes.

Intermediate to Advanced Snowboards – aimed at snowboarders with over 5 weeks experience. Appropriate for all pistes and some off-piste.

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